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 Can-U ???

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Age : 28
Localisation : bordeaux
Date d'inscription : 03/07/2006

MessageSujet: Can-U ???   Lun 3 Juil - 15:34

Graphiste de Tacoma pas très loin de Seattles (dans l'Etat de Washington)
il a créer par exemple la pochette Pure Thoughts pour Lightheaded (Ohmega Watts, Othello, Muneshine et Braille)

Ensuite en t'en qu'MC certains l'auront peut être entendu sur l’album de The Moth sorti en 2002 avec l’excellent Fall Sky et sur quelques autres projets.
Après trois ans, en juillet 2005, il nous pond l'excélent A Stepping Stone, 3 featuring : Fice sur Right Here Right Now, Tayo sur A Love Song & Othello sur The Fire
avec des producteurs tel que Muneshine, Skwirm, Blazematic, Tayo, Cast one, tous quasi inconnu appars Muneshine

1. Push Weight-produced by Muneshine
2. Right Here Right Now-featuring Fice/produced by Skwirm
3. Old Song-produced by Blazematic
4. Breathless-produced by Tayo
5. Run Can-U Run-produced by John Huss
6. Can You-produced by Cast One
7. A Love Song-featuring Tayo/produced by Tayo
8. I'd Never Met You-produced by Nygh
9. The Breaking Point-produced by Skwirm
10.The Fire-featuring Othello/Produced by Cast One
11.The Bus-produced by Cast One

chroniques de l'album :
celle de l'ami manolo
celle de brakmart

commander le cd, trouvable que là, 8$ ~ 7€ et sans frais de port

ensuite les SONS !!!

d'abord un petit mix de tous l'album
Ensuite vient son myspace, avec 3 titres sur 4 téléchargeable :
Run Can U Run
Love Song
Push Weight
One The Law

==>Can-U cherche quelqu'un pour distribuer son album en France, meme si c'est en très petite quantité ca serait deja bien et comme tout le monde l'a dit l'album le mérite donc si quelqu'un a des contacts susceptible d'etre intéressé ca serait sympa pour lui

pour le contacter allez voir son myspace

une autre de ses oeuvres (je crois)
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Little L

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Age : 34
Localisation : Bretagne
Date d'inscription : 15/04/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Can-U ???   Ven 18 Aoû - 22:10

Bon déjà je viens de voir ce topic désolée de ne pas avoir répondu avant...

J'ai écouté les quelques sons qui sont sur son MySpace et c'est sur ce mec à du potentiel même si j'accroche moins sur quelques titres.

Y'aurait moyen que t'up ' A Stepping Stone' stp ?

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Phalus MC
Des diamants énormes sur les lobes

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Localisation : Lorient
Date d'inscription : 07/05/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Can-U ???   Sam 19 Aoû - 0:35

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Nombre de messages : 69
Age : 28
Localisation : bordeaux
Date d'inscription : 03/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: Can-U ???   Sam 19 Aoû - 9:30

j'avais oublié que j'avais fait ce topic

j'ai fait une petite itw de lui par mail, je vous post la version anglaise

What artists outside of hip-hop influenced me?

I was born into a musical family. Ironically a family who aren't that fond of hip-hop. But growing up in that environment definitely paved the way to enter into music. My Dad was signed to Capitol records in his twentys and released a 45 under that label. He toured and opened for a lot of famous artists like Hendrix and the Beach Boys. Growing up I'd listen to the groups famous through his era like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Hendrix, Dylan, Neil Young, Van Dyke Parks, Clapton and so on. So early on in my life I was curious as to what certain lyrics meant. I remember not being able to decipher certain things at around age 8. But eventually it would come to me and I'd realize what they were trying to say through lyric.

I have an older brother and sister as well who were very open minded and persuant in finding good music outside of the radio and TV. Through their influence I'd hear bands like Pavement, Luna, Flaming Lips, The Verve, The Amps, The Breeders, The Jayhawks, The Shins and many more. So growing up good music was always around and it definitely influenced me and my entire mind state. Lately outside of hip-hop I'll listen to Beck, Broken Social Scene, Radiohead, still the Beach Boys, The Shins and probably too many more to name.

Where does my nickname come from?

Basically I was just freestyling and I said Can you at the beginning of every line and I was like well thats a pretty good name. Now I've adapted it to mean that you need to question yourself and be humble to learn and progress.

On Your album, I know only Muneshune and Othello. Who are the others ?
(Fice, Tayo,
Skwirm, Blazematic, Tayo, Cast one)

Before I explain who these people are let me just say that I'm so blessed to work with the people that I do. With that said let me go down the list.

Fice- Fice and I met in high school. He dragged me into the scene in Tacoma and Washington more then anyone has. Long story short he's somewhat of a partner in the Northwest. Thats like my right hand man, we own our studio the Thrift Shop together and we're up on each others plans and try and help one another out. Fice is one of the most well known emcees in our city. He's pretty vicious at battling and freestyling. So through party's and battles that he's won his names got around and people have wanted a cd for him for a while. He's been working on it for a minute and is going to drop it sometime this year. I'm glad you have an interest in it because it's going to be really good.

Tayo- I can't really say enough about Tayo. He's lived around the world but currently resides in Bermuda. Outside of him being a great friend he humbles me with his talent and persistance. Each week he'll send me a batch of new beats and all of them are good but the majority have classic potential. He's a producers producer without a doubt. His ear for samples and ability to chop them is unmatched. I know it's hard to believe this when your exposure to him is limited. But the few who know him know whats up. On top of his production he's a very skilled emcee as well. Just like Fice I'm confident when his exposure is more evident that he'll be heralded as one of the top artists out. I'm working on a cd with him where he's handling the production and we're both rhyming. He's also working on a full instrumental album and a project with this singer Joy who is incredible as well. If you stay in contact with me I'll make sure to keep you up to date on these cd's because I'm just as much a fan of his work as I am an artists who works with him.

Skwirm- I met Skwirm through another emcee that works with him named Mud. He's from Los Angeles and is part of a production crew named Soul Mechanix. He brought a really clean and distint production sound that not a lot of the other producers on A Stepping Stone did. It's not completely apparent due to the sleeve notes but he produced Right Here Right Now as well as The Breaking Point. We'll definitely work together more in the future.

Blazematic- I met Blaze through Raks One or the other half of Phocus with Muneshine. He's from Iceland which surprisingly has a lot of dope producers. I've tried to work with people that I'm really feeling no matter where they're from or what their reputation is. It's not hard to pay a certain amount for a beat that's just some generic pile in a specific producers pile. I'd rather work with people who have the passion and love to put their heart into their music. That right there is Blazematic. It definitely translates into my work with him. Old Song is one of my favorite tracks on A stepping stone and it's because of the vibe shared through the music. He has two stand out tracks on this next CD coming out too.

I know you didnt ask about him but I'm going to tell you about Nygh real quick.

Nygh- He did I'd never met you off of a stepping stone. Nygh is criminally slept on. Partly because of his situation but also due to that people don't search after and respect good music. He released a cd a couple years ago named circling vultures. On that album was the instrumental to I'd Never Met You. I contacted Nygh about using it and he was skeptical that I could rap to it but I eventually proved that idea wrong. He's working some other emcee's right now, most notably Access Immortal. He also put out a cd with this cat named Event. Nygh to me is like the jewel nobody pay's attentiont to because its dusty.

DJ Cast One- The main producer on my album also happens to be the one that has never heard it. A Stepping Stone took me probably two and a half years to finish. At the beginning of that I was working with Cast One and showed him a few snippets of songs I was working on but he never heard anything completed. It's disheartening because I love his production style but he went into the army in Sweden and since that point I havent heard from him. I wish him the best and hope that he will contact me so he can celebrate in the success of the CD and the love people have for his art.

John Huss - Like Cast One I've fallen out of touch with John Huss a little bit. If i remember correctly though John has some French origins. He lives in Toronto Cananda now. The thing that drew me to John Huss were his drums. The man is ridiculous with programming drums. I originally had more beats I wanted to use from him but through miscommunication things kinda fell apart.

How did you meet Muneshine and Othello?

I met Muneshine off of the internet through a hip-hop forum. I listened to his beats and contacted him and eventually that formed a bond to where we'd meet in person. When Lightheaded recorded Pure Thoughts I drove down to Portland with Fice to meet up with Muneshine. Eventually we flew him out to record a project with me, Fice and Muneshine called Alta Reign but only a couple song's got finished and they weren't what we wanted it to be so we kinda deaded the idea. Maybe we'll do the project in the future, maybe not.

As far as me meeting Othello I had seen him at a few shows and I may have said whats up but I didn't really talk or build a report with him until I met him at the Pure Thoughts session. Othello is so down to earth and a cool person to be around. He's someone that I respect greatly as an emcee because he takes chances with his flow and cadence. The way he structures words is really similair to me so when he flips a ridiculous pattern he always drops my jaw. Definitely one of the most underrated emcees out today.

It appears that you have un new project & it should hits the stors this
month, can u tell me more about it ? I'm impatient

There's two lies to this story. One is that it's going to be done this month. Unfortunately I dont think it will hit until early September. The Second lie is that it's going to hit stores. I dont think it will be available in stores and theres a reason for that. I want to give it away for free. I'm tired of the slow grind and monotony of building up this reputation. I'll still sell a stepping stone but I'd rather people just find out about this cd right away and download it or burn it for their friends. As soon as my website is available so too will be Hear This. Hear This is the name for it. It's longer then a stepping stone, better then a stepping stone in my opinion and much more polished then my previous work. I'm overly excited for it honestly. Nobody has really heard anything off of it but those who have have basically been wowed by it. It features production from Tayo, Blazematic, Hiphopapotamus, Rosario, D-minor from wax reform and Pensive.Guest appearances by Muneshine, Fice, Raks One, Silent Knight and maybe some others.

Are you working on other musical projects at the same time ?

Yes I am. I'll have a few appearances on some more mix tapes and compilations. I'm going to mix all of Fice's album and help out with my Deejay Reigns projects. I'm trying to build up my crew 2 Feet a little more. The main musical projects I am working on though are Tayo and my project but also the project I've been working on this entire time, my actual album. In the process of writing and collecting beats I've done a stepping stone and hear this because I feel like I need to be at a certain level before this CD comes out. I want a certain amount of people to know who I am before I finally do this cd. I've been piling up beats for so long and they've all withstood the test of time. The idea behind the cd is to really embrace the traditions of hip-hop but take it a step further. Some of the things I do with language I've never heard others do to this degree. I know that doesnt sound humble but what else am I supposed to say if its the truth. I dont think people are really going to understand what I did on this cd until they've listened to it like 15 times. They'll enjoy the first 15 times a lot but it's depth wont set in until later.

Have you ever been in Europe ? in France ?

Unfortunately No. But this musical success may make it possible soon. I have plenty of friends who have toured the country and I definitely plan on following the lead of people like Johnny 5 and Lightheaded in that regard. I'm so encouraged and greatful for the support of the people in France that I want to learn the language. I may take a French class just to do so. I am so greatful for the passion of good hip-hop that is out there.
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MessageSujet: Re: Can-U ???   

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Can-U ???
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